Our Facilities -- 355 Hublersburg Rd., Hublersburg, PA















 Parish Hall












Children's Room













Youth Room














Parking Lot and Back Entrance
















Our church has a ramp and covered carport for entering the church building, as well as Handicapped parking spaces. A chair lift is available for people with physical disabilities to access the upstairs sanctuary. We also videotape and broadcast the service downstairs in the large Sunday School room and the nursery for those who choose not to go upstairs.














Our Flower Garden

This year we worked on a special project: to beautify the back of our church building where most people enter our church in order to create a great first impression. Funds for the project came from the Memorial Fund Pool. Volunteers built a wall with decorative blocks, filled in the space with soil and mulch, black paper, then topped off the area with small river stones. On Pentecost Sunday, members donated geraniums in memory or honor of a loved one, then we planted them in the space that had been prepared. Uncertain of whether or not they would survive, they grew to be very large, with bright red and pink flowers and beautiful green leaves. We also planted some perennials and dwarf trees. The corner of our carport is also decorated with flowers and will continue to be decorated for each season of the year. The old iron bench that adorns the space was found abandoned on the side of the road with a "free" sign, so we refinished it, painted it black, and now it is a welcome addition to our garden.